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Get your OakRidges.tel personal or business identity. The benefits of owning an OakRidges.tel identity are listing below.

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Map - north,43,57,5.000;west,79,25,46.000 - 43.951388888889:-79.429444444444
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Your OakRidges.tel identity associates your business with the local OakRidges Ontario community. A limited number of brands are available primarily based on `Yellow Page` categories. ¤ bakery.oakridges.tel ¤ cars.oakridges.tel ¤ glass.oakridges.t
Lock out your competition by being the only business to be identified with a specific business product or service. For example, there is only one sushi.oakridges.tel listing.

Be the first to own your brand.

A personal or business email identities you with your community. The cost is only one dollar per year.
By getting a landing page (subdomain) for your business, you can list your contact information, products and services, hours of operation, special offers, map, testimonials and more. Include photos and a video.
Your business gets a free listing in the OakRidges.tel and YorkRegion.tel directories. This gives it an added boost when people search on-line for your products and services.
Eliminate the need for an expensive and often ineffective Yellow Pagesâ„¢ listing since 70% of searches are now performed on-line. Don\'t wait a year for a change to your listing.
Add content and make changes to your landing page at any time. Be in control of your own content in real-time. No waiting a year for a new paper listing.
Create and publish vouchers and coupons for display on mobile smartphones. Get more customers in your door.
Let your prospects know you have a local presence. Connect with your customer on-line. Optimize your search engine discoverability.
Gain a competitive advantage over `big box` stores by owning your category for Oak Ridges.
Don\'t use Gmail or an ISP (@Rogers, @Bell) email address. Use a yourbusiness@oakridges.tel email address for that local professional look.
Your identity becomes easy-to-remember and memorable. Joes@oakridges.tel is better than joesmeatshop23@gmail.com